Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cyndi Lauper : Memphis Blues

Good morning,

Today I am thinking about an album by Cyndi Lauper. No, it is not the traditional Cyndi Lauper, as in her album, "The Essential Cyndi Lauper." Rather, it is the album, "Memphis Blues."

I have to admit, at first, I was not impressed. (Sorry, Cyndi.) I did not feel she had "the feel" for blues. I thought, yeah, another crossover... But, then, as I listened more and more, I grew to be more and more fond of the music. When I got to a point that I "craved" another listen to her album I realized that maybe I had misjudged it.

What is the definition of "feel" and who am I to determine who has it and who does not have it?

The instrumentation on this album is wonderful. I hear a Billie Holiday influence throughout the album. On "How Blue Can You Get?" I can hear Cyndi's vocal stylings, as she interprets the Blues. Can't help but groove to the classic "Early In the Morning." "Crossroads" shows how Cyndi can stretch that interpretation, and yet keep with the Cyndi musical expression blended into this new genre.

Ok, maybe I still really enjoy Cyndi in true "Cyndi Lauper style," but this album? Well, I'm up for another spin. Take a listen, for yourself:

-Deborah E
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