Monday, December 13, 2010

The Nine Week Blog Challenge 8: Real Life

Good afternoon,

You know, I've been thinking a lot about this post for the past couple weeks. Many things I already had under my belt (I'm not bragging, am I?). Things like the business cards (complete with picture), description (although that needs to be updated with the pitch) and the process of gathering, rather than handing out unsolicited business cards.

It has been really effective except that maybe I do not go for that action step quite enough. In other words, I may be gathering so well that the buyers do not know I'm selling!

Then... I had an experience a week ago. It was an experience where I never did close the sale. An experience where I was so blessed that I lost sight of anything but trying to be a blessing to another human soul.

Every year, I participate with a group of carolers that go to four retirement homes and sing, sometimes room-to-room, sometimes in the common area (lunch room) to elderly people. I love people, so going around giving hugs, shaking hands, giving flowers, is so much fun. You know there is something about these dear souls that peer through those wisdom-filled eyes right into one's own soul.

That was Angela. I hope I got her name right. I think of her as an Angel, like her name. I saw her last year, all dolled up in her pink bow, jewelry and pretty dress. Her memory was not as sharp as others would expect, thinking she may remember them from last year. But that was ok. She was alert and taking in all of her surroundings, with her witty smile and sense of humor. She took my arm and guided me to the chair next to her without a word. Rather than walking the room, I sat beside her, singing the carols for her, to her, and with her.

When it was time to circulate and to take pictures, I looked up, thinking how that was the right networking thing to do, but could not move. Somehow, Angela needed something and I was hoping that I could be that blessing to her, like she was to me.

Did I network? No. Hopefully I blessed, through extending of myself. There will be other opportunities to network, but for today, my Angel friend needed a blessing and was a blessing to me, as well.

-Deborah E
Jazz Singer
♫ Scat N Style ♫
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