Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Nine Week Blog Challenge 6: Newsletter

Good evening,

The successes this week include the wonderful experience of the Viper Room gig this week, and the awesome fan support. It was also a reflective week and taking inventory of where I am going, how I see society and the community around me, and wondering where my music fits in the picture.

This was a great foundation on which to add the reading of this week's material in Ariel's Music Success in Nine Weeks book. This chapter was about the fan newsletter.

I used to write a newsletter and column, years ago, on webmaster tips. This was back before there were so many resources online, and especially before there were so many web site builders and tools available. It was certainly during the Web 1.0 period! It was great to feel that I was helping people to make their sites better, and more importantly helping them to feel good about themselves while doing it. It was easy to share because I was sharing my knowledge, yes, but could also give them html code or links to free resources, or basic advice, to help them on their way.

In the case of music, I am actually sharing of myself, who I am, what I think and feel, not just a link to a place to download free html code. Even if I am providing a link to a free download, assuming that is my music, I am sharing of who I am. But, that is the beauty of sharing music, and why I love performing music.

So, while I am typing this in a reflective mood, I am pondering how to incorporate the "outward giving" feeling into the newsletter that I am composing. I would not assume that this is the direction for all music or musicians, but it is the direction that I am pondering for my music. However, lest it sound like pie in the sky, there is a certain aspect that IS business and that requires funding or it is not available to give.

So, thank you Ariel, for the inspiration to start writing again. Without the little kick to move forward, I may be just pondering and occasionally blogging those ponderings, without taking the next step to actually send it out in a newsletter form.

-Deborah E
Jazz Singer
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