Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Nine Week Blog Challenge 5: Blogging

Hello all,

This week spent in Ariel's Music Success in Nine Weeks book (2nd Ed.) was a review of last week (Week 4), as well as this week, on blogging.

First, the successes:
  1. I have transferred all of my links from my private, online directory of links, to Social bookmarking is now becoming "addictive," to use CommonCraft's descriptive term referencing RSS.
  2. I categorized my bulging Google Reader subscriptions into readable buckets (folders).
  3. Read the article on blogging and effect on CD sales @
  4. Searched related blogs @ and
  5. Started my list of 50 sites for my blogroll (see right).
  6. Compiled my list of 10 artists that I sound like and finding blogs that have reviewed these artists.
  7. I have also added my blog to

I found out just how valuable that pitch was! While I was going through bookmarks, I was able to review the pitches for ideas for content for the "notes" section of the delicious bookmark. I was thankful for the sites that had pitches. The blogs that did not have pitches (or only had them embedded into graphics), were a little more challenging. I am so glad that I am reading Music Success in Nine Weeks and put my pitch at the top of my blog, easy to copy and paste. Hey! I want people copying and pasting my pitch (complete with web URL)! Better yet, Delicious bookmark it, please ;)

RSS in Plain English talked about Google Reader, as a news reader for RSS. I already have the Google Reader, but I realize I have not been using it as much. Watching this video helped create an excitement to view it every morning. This is also a way to work smart.

One of the things that I noticed in tweets and blogs, was musicians posting their live gigs and their thoughts on life, with no seeming reciprocation to others. I am sure that they do not do this intentionally, but probably because they have not read Ariel's Music Success in Nine Weeks book :) However, it was reassuring to read about the approach to blogging and that the commenting on other bloggers' sites should focus on what they write and not what we promote. I hope to adhere to that gentle, encouraging golden rule. Thanks, Ariel!

-Lady D
Deborah E, Jazz Singer
♫ Scat N Style ♫
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  1. Well done on getting so much done this week! Go for it Lady D!!

  2. Looks like you're geting UBER organized :) I'm a little behind with the Delicious stuff. I figure I'll work more on that during the next wave... whether Ariel has one or not, haha.

    I love the killing me softly cover, by the way :)

    Meghan Morrison


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