Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Nine Week Blog Challenge 3: The Sites

Greetings all,

In continuing on the saga of the nine week challenge, I find one of the most wonderful things about the challenge is the accountability to work on at least one aspect of music PR each week. It would be so easy to put the book down and take a much-needed nap and do it "tomorrow." Does tomorrow ever really come? After completing, or, hey, at least starting(!) the task(s) at hand, we can rest with the comfort that we are moving ahead.

Ok, now I will fast forward to this week. I almost hate to admit how long I have been laboring over elements of the web site, the colors, the fonts, the logos, the pitch (solved last week :) ), etc. I have been listening to everyone's opinion, which, at first glance, is a good thing to do, but, at some point the different opinions contradict each other and I end up with no decision. One of the beautiful tenets that Ariel presented in her book, Music Success in Nine Weeks, was that nothing is permanent. I can create a branding, including color scheme, etc., but do not need to commit to it permanently. That is the freedom to move forward, rather than having a site that never gets off the ground.

Success 1: Add the pitch. Check.
Success 2: Load in less than 3.5 seconds. Check.
Success 3: No flash intro. Check.
Success 4: Consistent branding. Working on this one...
Success 5: Give away an exclusive. Working on this one...
Success 6: Be straightforward and protect privacy rights. Working on this one...

Now to continue to work behind the scenes so that I can unveil the results...

-Lady D
Deborah E, Jazz Singer
♫ Scat N Style ♫
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