Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Nine Week Blog Challenge 2: The Pitch

Task 1. Check. Task 2. Check. Task 3. Check.

Wait... the beauty of Ariel's system is to highlight the successes. Ok, it is taking a bit of practice, but working those goals into the daily thinking, and adding those lists of successes, really keeps the positive flow going.

This sure beats the 80 item task list(s)! And goals? How do you hit goals when the task list augments daily?!

This week was challenging. The reading and viewing the material (including the examples given in the youtube vid), were very helpful, not to mention the recommended resource @ It was challenging because, quite frankly, I felt lost at coming up with my own pitch. It seems easier to come up with someone else's pitch! Don't line up to hire me yet...

Ready for the first try at a pitch. Please don't laugh. Ok, you can snicker...

My name is Lady D and I am a singer specializing in providing an ambiance like an aromatherapy massage for your senses.. Basque in the musical essence and class reminiscent of the Greats. Top it off with a freshening splash of Lady D's own touch of sass. Come hear for yourself @

Wasn't quite working for me...

Then, some wonderful people, Melanie Boyer with the assistance of Graeme Sacks helped me with the following pitch. I should say, Melanie came up with it. She did the heavy lifting. Thanks, Melanie!

Lady D is a smooth and sultry summer night on Bourbon Street... Classy with a dash of sass... Proof that the jazz greats have not been sacrificed to processed pop.

I've been trying out this pitch this week, and it is really having an effect. I used to cringe when I thought of trying to describe myself. I would rather just sing for people and let them describe it. However, that is a little lazy on my part and I need to help people to understand what it is I am selling. It is not a matter of being egotistical (as I used to think), but rather being fair to the person you are talking to, so that they can determine whether they are interested or not. If you are not fair with that presentation, then you are asking for a favor, or, worse yet, you may be guilting people into being interested.

This is still a free world, isn't it? And for those who do not feel free, maybe we can offer a little comfort through our music, an opportunity to fly, for a moment, beyond the confines of the surroundings where we exist.

-Deborah E Jazz Singer
♫ Scat N Style ♫

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  1. Hey Lady D!

    Great work on your pitch! Keep up the fantastic job in the blog challenge!

    (one of Ariel's judges)


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